ODM/OEM company to research bioceutical products based on pharmaceuticals beyond the limit of cosmetics.

  • Factory Size
    Mass Production,
    Facilities and Management System at a global level.

  • Current Status of Certification
    CGMP, ISO22716 Certified Firm

  • Production Facilities
    Optimized Structure for the moving line
    of workers and the high quality maintenance of products.

  • QC (quality control)
    Perfect Quality Control System
    at the Level of Pharmaceuticals.


  • Confidence

    We take top priority to
    the customer confidence.
  • Originality

    novel ideas can
    make best-selling items.
  • Differentiation

    We provide performance-centered
    cosmetics based on pharmaceuticals.
  • R&D capabilities

    We have original
    customized technologies.
  • Design

    We work with industry
    leading designers.
  • Cooperation

    We try to satisfy the needs of customers
    as best cosmetic specialists in Korea.
  • CGMP

    We become a platform
    for global advance.
  • QC (quality control)

    We strictly enforce quality
    control based on pharmaceuticals.



    Huxley, the contemporary beauty brand that dares to discover unknown ingredients and lead new beauty trends.
  • DR. Gloderm

    Technology from 5 million prescription data of 54 professional dermatologist
    Now you can meet with the DR.GLODERM.

    CUREST is compound word from CURE as ‘heal, improve, fix’ and REST as‘Relaxation, sleep’, it is mask brand that offers cure and rest to your skin which challenges to a day.
  • ChoGwangHwa

    Immediate effect oriental medicine brand having traditional wisdom of Joseon royal



[SAMSUNG MEDICOS] 22, Jeyakgongdan 4-gil, Hyangnam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea / 070-4163-1825 (info@ssmedicos.co.kr)